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Why Darwin's Reptiles?

Being local breeders, we are directly involved with our customer’s lives. We are here for support and education. Our company’s roots go right down to the heart of Alberta.

Our inventory is always changing, but many items we may be
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Locally Owned and Operated

Home based breeders located out of Calgary, AB.

Captive Propagation

We focus on captive bred, special selected pairings to bring you top quality animals.

Snake, Lizard, and Gecko Breeders in Calgary, AB - We Are Darwins Reptiles!

When you are interested in adding a reptile to your family, too often do people go to pet stores and listen to advice from an “exotic’s specialist”. People every day walk away often with misinformation on simple things like housing requirements and basic care of their new pets. This is the basis for how we built our business. Being private breeders we are here for you. Here to walk you through the ups and downs of pet ownership, here to troubleshoot things from housing setup to feeding issues. Assistance with your pet shouldn’t end after purchase.

We are focused in constant evolution, both in quality of animals and company offerings. We are focused on quality bred captive propagated reptiles. Our successes lie in impeccable care and constant evaluating of housing, food quality, and overall health of our animals. We may be breeders but our interest lies in the health and happiness of our animals. Current breeding successes range from common household pets (Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons, Colubrids) to advanced-keeper-only unique exotics. We are consistently undertaking more projects with a keen focus on Ratsnakes both Old and New World.

Here at Darwin’s Reptiles we are always looking to network, and because of our contacts we are often successful in tracking specific animals down for our customers. If you ever are looking for something specific and don’t see it listed, feel free to shoot us a message and we will do our best to try and source it for you. Let us show you the Darwin Difference!